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Collagen Induction Micro Needling  


Collagen Induction Therapy through Micro Needling is an efficient way to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It will also help to soften scars.  This procedure utilizes a device that stimulates the skin's own natural healing process.



Chemical Peel


A skin rejuvenating or skin resurfacing procedure that improves the texture of the skin. This is done by removing the top layers of dead skin. Chemical peels can make rough skin softer and smoother.


The Perfect Derma Peel - This unique peel contains the anti-aging / anti-oxident Glutathione. Glutathione fights free radical damage, enhances cellular health and inhibits the production of melanin for clearer, brighter skin.





Botox is a prescription medication that is currently used by millions of people worldwide and is a safe non-surgical treatment. When injected into facial muscles it temporarily decreases wrinkles creating a youthful, rested, peaceful and happy appearance.  Facial results typically last 3-4 months.  The number of units required are dependent on age, area needing treated, gender and desired results.  On an average of 20-55 units total treatment. (72 hour advance notice mandatory to ensure product availability)


Most clients need:

Furrow lines 10-25 units

Forehead 4-15 units

Eyes 8-24 units

Bunny lines 4 units


$9 per unit

All-Natural Weight Loss


The metabolic balance, all-natural weight management program provides an individualized nutrition food plan. This is based on more than 30 of your blood values. We analyze your blood values using a small sample of your blood.


This sophisticated program is based on more than 20 years of clinical research and practical experience.



Now with 2 options (1) with coaching includes optional weekly Lipo-Vite injection or (2) on your own without coaching or optional Lipo-Vite injection

Medically Supervised Weight Loss


The clean-start weight loss program is a medically supervised program designed to eliminate the body's fat deposits; targeting the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, neck and face. This program is based on the pounds and inches protocol developed by Dr. Simeon.


Price varies includes optional weekly Lipo-Vite injection



This specially compounded formula contains 3 fat burning amino acids (Methionine, Inosotol and Choline) and Vitamin B-12.  These injections can help improve energy, memory, sleep as well as promoting fat loss.


$20 per injection

Ultrasonic Lipo


Non-invasive body contouring using ultrasound. The process breaks down fat and allows the body to naturally move the fat cells out of the area. There is no downtime, discomfort or surgery. Package are per treatment area. 


Pkg 3/$120

Pkg 6/$200

Wart Removal


Warts are minor skin imperfections caused by a virus called the human papilloma virus are more of a nuisance than serious illness.  They are commonly found on the hands, feet and genitals, and will usually resolve on their own over time.  Body Beautiful treats warts on the hands with cryotherapy, this is a safe and effective method that aids in getting rid of the warts with minimal downtime and scarring.  Multiple treatments may be needed to fully resolve the issue. 


3 warts or less $50.00>3 additional $10/wart


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